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BioPRYN CAE Report
Date ReceivedLog In #
2/8/201253091 CAE

Submitted ByReport To
Andrea Forrest
23908 Village Dr.
Richland MO 65556
Andrea Forrest
Report DateAssay/AnimalNumber of Samples Processed
02/10/2012Goat CAE - 34 sample(s)34

% Inhibition = 35 % Inhibition > 40 % Inhibition = 30 to 40 % Inhibition < 30

Tube NumberAnimal ID% Inhibition in TestStatus
1F/P Legacy6.0Negative
2F/P Moby2.0Negative
3F/P Charmu3.0Negative
4F/P Diva1.0Negative
5F/P Vicki8.0Negative
6F/P Victory2.0Negative
7MF Jackie2.0Negative
8F/P Beyonce0.0Negative
9F/P Teardrop1.0Negative
10F/P Kiss My Spot5.0Negative
11F/P Vouge0.0Negative
12FA Sparkle0.0Negative
13F/P White Gold10.0Negative
14F/P Wild Jazz2.0Negative
15F/P Freda4.0Negative
16F/P Tim's Nicollet1.0Negative
17OH Wild Cookie6.0Negative
18F/P Basil12.0Negative
19F/P Catalina1.0Negative
20F/P Cherish1.0Negative
21Cok Destiny8.0Negative
22Cok Chica0.0Negative
23F/P Life is Good11.0Negative
24F/P Tim's Freedom1.0Negative
25f/P Tim's Tarragon4.0Negative
26F/P Special Blend3.0Negative
27F/P Sinsation0.0Negative
28FM Soon Wildwood16.0Negative
29HMC Tiny Tim11.0Negative
30F/P Long Wait0.0Negative
31F/P Classic Dance9.0Negative
32SH Faygo1.0Negative
33SH Tiapai6.0Negative
34Cok Charisma7.0Negative

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