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Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats
Located near Lebanon Missouri
Phone: (417) 453-6210

SGCH Forrest-Pride PRY Monster Moby 4*M

   To say we are proud of this doe would be an understatement!

Moby has excelled in every area that a dairy goat producer strives for...   She excels in PRODUCTION! This gal can milk and she has the body conformation to sustain it...Appraising 91 EEEE at age 4 and again at age 6!   Then at the GRAND age of 8 with a DHIR Life record of nearly 20,000 lbs and still going under her belt, she came out for her final permanent score of FS 92 EEEE in Sep 2010!

Moby is now 13, she had triplet doe kids for us in the spring of 2014 and when fall came and her health was as good as ever, we decided she would be bred to Adam... She appears to be carrying yet another load of kids and her health is as solid as a 3 year olds!

The links below of her daughters and granddaughters, say it all when it comes to her ability to pass on her success!

Moby was Breed leader for 2 consecutive years in all 3 catagories and 2011 found her completing another 3000+ lactation @ 9 years of age, which once again placed her on the Breed Leader list, making her the 2nd oldest of all the 2011 breed leaders in all breeds!!

Moby has had a very good show career as well,   She was the 10th place yearling milker at the 2003 ADGA National show and made the cut again as a 6 year old in 2008.   Moby finished her SGCH, going Best Senior Doe in Show, under judge, Sheila Nixon at our very large and competitive Quad ring show in June 2005.  

Moby has been bred to *+B SG Lucky*Star's RY Adam for late FEB 2015 kids. ALL kids to be retained. 

LA 1-04 FS 83 +VVV
LA 2-06 FS 87 VVEV
LA 3-04 FS 89 VEEV
LA 4-05 FS 91 EEEE
LA 6-03 FS 91 EEEE
LA 8-07 FS 92 EEEE

1-00 251 1482 3.6 54 3.2 48
2-00 251 2301 4.0 87 3.2 71
2-11 305 3120 4.1 127 3.2 101 - TOP TEN Record
4-00 304 3778 4.2 159 3.2 122 - TOP TEN Record
4-11 305 3113 4.4 138 3.3 104
6-11 305 3290 4.3 142 3.3 109 101 20
8-01 282 3300 4.3 147 3.1 107
9-00 300 3720 150 109 - TOP TEN Record

LIFE LACTATION RECORD: Days In Milk: 2431 LBS of MILK 25,570 % and LB's of Butter Fat 4.2 1081 % and LB's of Protien 3.2 815

6 months


2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

6 Years

Moby Daughters and Grandaughters, currently in the herd:

2007 Daughter "SGCH Forrest-Pride She Will Charm U 5*M".

2007 Daughter "SG Forrest-Pride M&C Xtreme Diva 5*M".

2010 Daughter "Forrest-Pride Moby's Teardrop".

2011 Daughter "Forrest-Pride Moby's White Gold".

2011 Daughter "Forrest-Pride Moby's Wild Jazz".

Grandaughter by Diva "SG Forrest-Pride WW Diva Beyonce 6*M".

Grandaughter by Charm U "Forrest Pride Kiss My Spot".

Grandson by Charm U "Forrest Pride LIFE is GOOD".

Great Grandson by Beyonce "Forrest Pride Special Blend".

+*B Yazz Polo LA 1-04 87 V+E
*B Yazz Pwca
GCH Yazz Bermuda 1*M LA 6-05 90 V+EE
+B Red Dragon NYP Pryderi
+*B Lubov Tally's Classical Jazz FS 3-06 84 +V E
Red Dragon LCJ Ethelwyn
Red Dragon MRS Eheubryd

GCH +*B Dale-Haven HB Dan De Lyon
CH *B Forrest Pride DDL Voodoo
Dale-Haven EXP Vanilla 3*M
SGCH Forrest-Pride V Cookie Monster 3*M
Majyk-Hill's Dutch Treat
SGCH Majyk-Hill's Cookies N Cream 2*M
Dale-Haven EXP I'm N-the-Air 1*M

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