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Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats
Located near Lebanon Missouri
Phone: (417) 453-6210

SG Forrest Pride CC White Rapids 8*M

Rapids is a huge yearling milker with a ton of capacity, she peaked at nearly 9 lbs a day as a yearling milker and has become a 8*M as a yearling. She was part of our small 2016 ADGA National show string, where she placed 5th yearling LaMancha milker. She is a powerful young doe with tons of body and depth and ideal feet and legs.   We are excited to see how this doe matures!

Linear Appraisal:
Young Stock: VEV "V" Overall
1-03 86 VVVV

1-00 230 1530 4.4 68 3 46 97

SGCH +*B Fir Meadow SOON Valiant 03-05 91 EEE
*B Fir Meadow VAL Be Courageous
Fir Meadow Vec With Rejoicing 2*M 03-03 91 EEEE
*B Fir Meadow Cor Conquest
*B Lucky*Star's RY Alpha
SG Fir Meadow ALP Blau Enzian 4*M LA 02-03 88 EEVV
SGCH Fir Meadow VAL Wiese 3*M 03-02 91 EEEE

+B Willow Run Chalupa Bjorn LA 92 EEE **DNA**
*B Heart-Mt. Carter Kids Tiny Tim
SGCH Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Marrisa 2*M LA90 VEEE **DNA** Breed Leader
SGCH Forrest Pride Tim's Nicolette 7*M
+*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Wildwood LA 90
SGCH Forrest Pride WW Diva Beyonce 6*M LA 92 EEEE
SGCH Forrest Pride M&C Xtream Diva 5*M

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