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Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats
Located near Lebanon Missouri
Phone: (417) 453-6210

SGCH Forrest Pride Legacy's Victoria 2*M

   After a few years in the TTRR herd, Vicki has come back to her birth herd for retirement!
She is in exceptional health, she will be 10 in 2017, still sound on beautiful feet and legs.

We are excited to see a few more kiddings from this exceptional, Legacy daughter!

Linear Appraisal:
1-02 84 +V+V
02-02 86 VVVV
03-06 88 VEVV
07-03 90 EEEE

1-11 294 2150 4.0 86 2.9 63
3-00 274 2297 3.5 81 2.9 66

Best buddies

Vicki and her best bud Charm U at the 2008 National show.

*B Windysprings LSK Moonshiner
LA 2-04 87 VVE
+*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon LA91 EEE
Windysprings Merry Sea Breeze 5*M
LA 8-04 90VEEE
*B Fir Meadow Soon Victor
++B Rocky-Run Alex's Exclusive LA89 VEE
GCH Rocky-Run EX Windsong 5*M LA90 VEEE
Rocky Run Dutch Essennce 4*M LA87 VVE+

Royal-Ransom Danc'n Centaur
CH Forrest Pride Vanilla's Sinbad LA 4-06 VEE 89
Dale Haven EXP Vanilla 3*M
SGCH Forrest-Pride Milky's Legacy
1*M LA 6-03 EEEE 92
SGCH +B Majyk-Hill's Trixter LA88 VEV
CH Forrest Pride Venus' Milky Way
Forrest-Pride Venus

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