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Forrest-Pride Dairy Goats
Located near Lebanon Missouri
Phone: (417) 453-6210

+*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Wildwood

   Wildwood will forever been known as one of the most influential herdsires we have used. He was very consistent with the type of offspring he produced and he crosses very well with our Moby dam line. He will be used for many years to come through AI.  Wildwood's pedigree is strong in milk production and correct type.   He was a large buck who excels in all categories of the score card, combined with an exceptional easy to handle temperament.   This is a large buck who is easy to handle and very sweet both with his does and those handling him.

Wildwood's kids and now mature does have been exceptional, he consistently produced large kids with beautiful rumps, excellent width and bone, very open through the rear arch with beautiful well attached mammary systems.

Thanks to Jerry and Kat Drovdahl in Central Point OR. for breeding such a fine animal!

LA 03-02 90 VEE

Wildwood jr. daughters
beautiful, natural width on these does, sharp, smooth blending and elegant.

+*B Lucky*Star's F Kernel LA90 VEE
*B Windysprings LSK Moonshiner
LA 2-04 87 VVE
Windysprings Magic Sea Shine 6*M LA 7-04 90 VVEE
+*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon LA91 EEE
++*B Coastside M Sea Wolf LA90 EEV
Windysprings Merry Sea Breeze 5*M
LA 8-04 90VEEE
SG Windy Springs SQ Merry Maker 4*M +VEE

++*B GCH Quixote Mela's Fidel LA91 EEE
++*B SGCH Quixote Kate's Kareem LA90 VEE
Quixote Anakate 2*M
SGCH Lucky*Star's QK Nasturium 1*M LA91 & 93 EEEE   Elite Dam 4x Breedleader **DNA**
+*B Aspen-Hill's Tesoro
Lucky*Star T Marguerite
GCH Lucky*Star's L Delphinium 7*M LA91 EEEE

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